Working for a safer, healthier and more vibrant Willowdale.

Vote for Choudhary vote for better future that can change our generation's life shine and bright.

To volunteer, display our signs or donate call: 416 410 7379 or email at

     Elections are at the door and I am too.

While our community is a comfortable one, there are still many challenges ahead of us, such as solutions to public transit, ensuring the best level of municipal services for our residents, all the while, keeping a hold on taxes.

Taxes and buses always are main concerns of our Ward 23 residence as well as bike lines.  Crime is another issue in our daily life we need proper planning and implementations of Laws.  And there are lot more to think of.

  • I will focus on basic service delivery and control spending on new projects.
  • I will continue to fight for value for our taxes and to ensure a fair and transparent property assessment system.
  • I will support the expansion of public transit while monitoring the process to ensure an affordable, accessible and effective system.
  • I will work with the community towards an integrated traffic calming plan. The days of pitting one community against another must come to an end.
  • I was the first candidate to propose reinstating a beat officer to bring back real community policing on our streets.

I will propose term limits to encourage new energy and ideas onto the Council.

I am always walking around my ward advising, shopping, delivering leaflets, socializing and later this summer even bike riding!   

I believe I am perfect and suitable to this job I am very punctual in my day and night life you can trust and count on me. why because

      -whose regular Attendance is a top priority
-who is Accessible to neighbors day or night
- who is Accountable through hosting timely ward meetings
- able to take Action in a pro-active way

“We shall build our future together!” 


Election's day is near by

To volunteer, display our signs or donate call: 416 410 7379 or email at

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