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Elections Canada

Elections Canada

Elections Canada
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Fayaz Choudhary

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MP For Federal Election 2006
1. Bill C36 What is bill C36 Markham - Unionville (Ontario Canada)
2. My Riding PC Candidates

All Candidates Meeting at Markham Campus

Seneca and its media partners held its second of three All Candidates Meetings at Markham Campus (Markham Unionville Riding) on Jan. 12, 2006

Pictured above, Fayaz Choudhary (Progressive Canadian Party), Partap Dua (Independent), Janice Hagan (New Democratic Party), Joe Li (Conservative Party of Canada), John McCallum (Liberal Party of Canada) and Wesley Weese (Green Party of Canada) shared their election platforms with the more than 250 residents who attended the meeting.

 for more detail go to:        http://www.senecac.on.ca/cms/media/senecanews.jsp


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